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modular built, 4 Channels Control multi spectrum high powered LED with aluminium heatsink cooling & Speed-controlled fan

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Product Description

Product Description


Technical Specification

The GL 450 uses one UL approved MeanWell driver, integrated power supply, output below 48V, safe and secure

Constant voltage and constant current technology to protect the LEDs and extend lifespan,

while most brands just use constant current.


led grow light specitifications



 led grow  light demensionsLength: 16.4 inches/408mm

Width: 6.2 inches/160mm

Height: 1.81 inches/45.8mm

Weight: 12 pounds/4.5KG




2 x 4 pcs 3W cold white Bridgelux LEDs

2 x 22 pcs 3W deep red Epistar LEDs

2 x 2 pcs 3W IR Epistar LEDs

2 x 23 pcs 3W red Epistar LEDs

2 x 18 pcs 3W blue SemiLEDs

2 x 8 pcs 3W royal blue SemiLEDs

2 x 4 pcs 3W UV Edison LEDs

Lifespan: > 50000Hrs


 led grow  light spectrum






High Power

Many other LED brands are running with lower wattage

and lesser input current. We use full 3W LEDs which

are running at standard 700mA driving current, providing

high brightness, high efficiency, longer lifespan. It provides

high lumens up to 10000~12000 LM, which is more

powerful, equal to a 1000W HPS light.


Heat Dissipation

Aluminum fins heatsink cooling and speed-controlled

fans to dissipate, low noise level. 70% cooler than HID

lighting, cool the LEDs below 50 °C.

We apply PWM technology to control the fan, improving

control of brightness, fan’s speed and noise. With self-detection

function, once the fan stops working, the LED brightness would

darken to 20% so as to protect the whole light



GL 450 uses approximately 60% less

power than a 1000 watt HPS lighting, and produces

crops with better yields.

Plants in different phases of growth require different

intensity light. LuminiGrow 450R1 provides 4 adjustable

channels which allow you to save energy by reducing

intensity for young seedling.


Full Spectrum

GL 450 provides full spectrum from UV

to IR to stimulate plant growth. 100% absorbed by your plant.

It can work well with any vegetables, flowers, medical plants.

With the use of our intelligent Controller, growers can customize

the exact spectrum, intensity for all phases of growth and all plant



High quality yields

GL 450 light is the most cost effective way

for growers to boost healthy crop yields.

It will not burn your plants, or supply plants with unnecessary

light Spectrum. The 60 degree optical lens will concerntrate the

energy on your plants and provide high PAR performance up to

700μmol(50cm), so maximum light intensity can be received to

produce high quality yields.



We know how important your investment is.

We’ve designed the LuminiGrow 450R1 to be

forward-thinking, it’s competely modular built.

Changing a module is as easy as plug-and-play.

If any module got broken, free parts would be

sent to you right away, what you need is just

a screw-driver. This design also allows our lights

to be upgraded as the technology progress.


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