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Gaia Sense is a UK-based OEM focussed on developing a new collection of agri-tech products and solutions for modern farming and cultivation methods such as hydroponics. The Gaia Sense range is a new generation of agricultural and horticultural products. The range is a modular solution to control and manage various environments and growing factors.

The range is sectioned four ways: Sense, Measure, Control and Report. The solution follows simple demands for today’s modern food cultivators and agriculturalists.

Hydroponic LED Lights!

To produce a high quality plant, it is not enough to use just red and blue light typically found in conventional horticultural LEDs. The same applies for High Pressure Sodium lights, which are dominantly yellow.

A good balanced ratio between red and blue light, needs to be complemented with far-red and used in the right proportions for the right applications. For example far-red, 700–800 nm is critical for flowering of many plants and besides being potentially harmful, plants also show photomorphogenic responses to UV-B (280-315 nm) radiation. Both UV-B and UV-A (315-400 nm) radiation are important in inducing production of phenolics, anthocyanins (coloration) and antioxidants in plants. Thus the full spectrum from about 350–750 nm at a suitable light intensity is interesting in plant cultivation. The key is then to create a light which is optimally suitable for its task, by balancing the different areas so that the plant gets the right energy and signals to achieve the growers’ goals.

The solution is here! our range of high powered LED grow lights are capable of controlling and mixing the level of different light needed for optimum yields.

Independently control the level of red, blue, far red and UV to suit your plants needs or use the vegetation and bloom presets.

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